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Travel Companion Quilted Blue Elephant Duffle Bag

Travel Companion Quilted Blue Elephant Duffle Bag

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Length (Inch)

Width (Inch) 8
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:- Look no further for that delightful travel bag for your young one. Occasionally that ordinary bag may not just fill the space in the way you imagine and there is always a gap of striking vividness that is felt left out. Our duffle bags are just the right choice for you to cover this. The shape is very simple and with Albeli’s creativity, even this simplicity speaks out boldly through its refined and sophisticated design patterns. The bags remain cool on the inside due to the exploitation of cotton fabric in making them. There is no unnecessary bulkiness hence more space for storage. Kids can get playful with almost anything and the whole bag is made from really soft cotton fabric that they can even cuddle with or rest their heads on while they catch on their sleep to recharge their energy.

Washing instructions:- This product is made with love, so it needs special care. Hand wash it with gentle soap in cold water. Rinse it well and allow it to air dry. Direct sunlight may fade its bright color, so avoid drying it in direct sunlight to maintain its vibrancy.

Please note, the actual color may slightly differ from the pictures due to lighting effects during photography.

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