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Summer Breeze Bottle Cover

Summer Breeze Bottle Cover

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Length (Inch) : 8
Width (inch) : 3
Length (Inch) : 16
Width (inch) : 0.75
Fabric : Cotton


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: When our kids are out playing, we're often concerned about their hunger and hydration. Albeli's Handle Bottle Cover offers a solution, ensuring kids always have their water bottle handy. With space for snacks, it simplifies parenting while adding a fashionable touch. The strap allows easy carrying, freeing kids from unnecessary hassle. With delightful prints, it adds joy to their adventures, reflecting their happiness like the moon reflecting sunlight.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: To maintain the vibrancy of colors, wash the item only when necessary with gentle soap in cold water. Rinse well and air dry, avoiding direct sunlight.

Please note: The actual color may slightly differ from the pictures due to lighting effects during photography. 

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